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Originally Posted by 123john View Post
Who does that?
Makers of low-end guitars that are sold on eBay, obviously.

Two weeks ago, I reglued the bridge on a Takamine guitar that was as you describe. Remove the "decorative" dots with a sharp chisel to expose the heads of the bolts. If done carefully, you can reuse the dots. Use a screw driver - usually Philips head - on the head of the screw and pliers or tweezers to hold the nut on the inside. Usually, one needs to remove the dried glue above the head of the bolt to allow access to the recess in the head and provide clearance for the head so that the bolt can be removed.

One removed, throw the nut, bolt and washer away. When the job is finished, reglue the "decorative" dots to fill the holes and maintain the original appearance.
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