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Default How to remove this bridge?

I am attempting to replace the bridge on this low end eBay guitar. When I first
looked at the top of the bridge I just thought those little abalone-like dots on either side of the E strings were decorative. But when I felt underneath, I got a bad feeling...those could not be little bolts with nuts on them, could they? Then I took a picture and my fears were confirmed. Who does that? To make matters worse, this is my first bridge replacement job.
So, beside fumbling forever with pliers, what are my other option? I even thought of chiseling the wood away from around the bolts on top and then turning them from the top while holding the nuts with pliers. I'm hoping somebody can help me figure out another way. Thanks for any help you can give this novice.

I just can't seem to get the picture to upload from photobucket, but basically the bridge is bolted on; hopefully you can visualize that.

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