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Originally Posted by j3ffr0 View Post
The thread Fran posted showed that the gear geeks couldn't tell the difference between a cheap pre-amp and a premium pre-amp. )
Actually that is not quite correct the link that Fran posted was to a Gear Sluts thread that was comparing DA converters, not pre amps.
And one has to take such internet AB comparisons with a grain of salt for example in that comparison :
For starters there was the added variable of running the two signals out to the two outboard converters through two different cards in two different signal formats one AES one ADAT. Also the mix had already been converted A/D going into the DAW and there is no mention which converter was used for that or even if one of the two outboard converters was used for that. But presumably the same converter was used for both the A/D and D/A on the ITB mix. Each converter has its own jitter specs which effects the sound differently. Wich could add a double dose of degradation to the sound.

Lastly you have most of the respondents listening through laptops and computers which adds another layer of cheap D/A and speakers into the mix.
What I am saying there are a number of variables possible and that unfortunately might render that comparison dubious at best.
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