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Originally Posted by Scott Whigham View Post
The thing with Lynn's CDs is that they were comparing all high end to high end. Fran's not just saying, "There's no audible difference between an API 512 and a Neve 1073"; he's taking it 10 steps further and saying there's no audible difference between the cheapest pre and the most expensive.
I think one of the ones I liked was just a mackie board. At maybe $50 per channel, pretty cheap. I don't agree there's no difference between *any* preamp, nor do I think Fran means that. At the extreme low end, there tends to be audible noise, for example. Once you get to a certain level, once you hit the transparency frans talking about, the differences tend be miniscule, and with improvements in electronics, the lowest bar is pretty low these days. In addition, many of the esoteric preamps actually don't claim to be transparent, they claim to add "color", which is a whole different thing.
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