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Originally Posted by jhchang View Post
Hey, you haven't answered my question....
Then go tell Youtube to sue the millions of people worldwide who post guitar cover videos. You'd make a fortune!
Or youtube as a whole infringes copyright?

I've even seen TONS of TV show clips being posted there for years.....guess action taken. Youtube OK with them.

And go sue the churches everywhere 'cause they allow worship band to play and Christians to sing songs written by others. They paid no fees.
Yes, I did. You, of course, hear only what you want to hear. Almost everyone exceeds the speed limit. Only a few get caught. If that makes it OK for you to steal from real musicians and songwriters, you're just another ignoranti with no morals. The world is full of them and that includes those who illegally post on youtube. Just because YouTube doesn't have the means to stop copyright violations, doesn't mean they are OK.

Maybe if you actually made something and then had someone rip you off, you'd have a clue.

Ty Ford
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