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Default NGD Halcyon NL-00

Yesterday, I received my Halcyon NL-00. Due to a previous arrangement with my mailman, he waited until I was home from work to drop it off. Anyhow, I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the guitar. I went with rosewood back and sides and a torrefied lutz spruce top with ebony fingerboard and bridge. It looks good, feels good, plays good out of the box and sounds really nice. I ordered it the way I did as I wanted a guitar primarily for fingerpicking. It sounds great fingerpicked, but I was pleasantly surprised how nice the bass was. This guitar could be a darned decent strummer.

Many thanks to Ed Bond for such a pleasant experience. Whenever I emailed him with a question, he always replied quickly. I may give a more thorough review later after I've played it more.

Pics, you say?

Notice how the rosewood heel cap grain matches the grain of the back. A real nice touch, IMNSHO...

I forgot to get a picture of the bottom where the sides meet. On the Halcyon website, it appears that the sides meet each other where the endpin would normally be. On my guitar, there is a decorative trim strip, kinda like a bit of binding at the joint. Another aesthetic plus. Good job, Halcyon! I am now officially a fan
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