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Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
What do you actually get for your money? Do they track covers, set up search bots on social media?
Do you get legal advice or support if anyone attempts to cover it without getting a license?
Is any kind of publishing deal involved?
What "you get for your money" is a certificate of registration with the US Copy Tight Office .That is considered legal proof that you filed for registration on a given Date and are claiming ownership of the rights . Understand it is not proof of ownership. Only proof of when you claimed ownership.

As to your other questions. No to all

In general for any interested :::
Perhaps the best way to think about statutory copyright protection, and registration is like Car insurance. It provides a set of criteria for compensation if infringement/or accident happens. It does not prevent accident/or infringement from happening. (with the caveat) that Copyright statutes also allows for monetary compensation from the legal use of copyrighted material Which is handled through PRO's or directly from the commercial users , Ans not the US Copyright office.

I'm asking because I know you have copyright in any song automatically as soon as you've written it.
Actually it depends on what you mean by "written it " Because you cannot copyright an idea, so legally you have copyright to your original work as soon as you affix it to a "tangible medium of expression" . So yes that would include "written" on paper, or recorded to a playable medium like record , tape, Cd, USB drive or now also a digital music file.

The only problem is proving priority (date of origin). There are may ways if doing that - such as simply posting it online, because the upload is dated.
Actually posting online is considered publishing and could be considered proof of date of publishing (not origin) . And does not establish ownership of copyright.

(You could also keep a file copy on hard disk, making sure you never edit it of course. That's equivalent to the old pre-internet method of posting yourself the manuscript with an official proof of postage date.)
Unfortunately the "poor mans copyright" is largely myth. The only thing it possibly establishes is the date you performed the action and that you had possession at the time you performed the action. BUT again does nothing to legally establish ownership of the copyright.

Naturally anyone who finds it could then steal it, but your priority is easily proved - provided the original upload is not removed.
Not sure what you mean by (your "priority" is easily proved) again the only thing proved is the date of upload nothing more.

You (and any interested) might want to check out this article from the American Bar Association't%20N ecessary,-Unlike%20the%20first&text=Under%20current%20law%2C %20registration%20with,created%20after%20January%2 01%2C%201978.&text=An%20author%20cannot%20bring%20 a,registration%20from%20the%20Copyright%20Office.
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