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I prefer the original Taylor voicing

Not that the Andy Powers "Taylor 2.0" re-voicing isn't is VERY good in certain ways...many ways...BUT the problem for me is that now Taylors with the AP voicing...Andy Powers...AP...have a voice/tone very much similar to a number of really fine boutique and luthier instruments...such as Goodall, or Breedlove, or Mcpherson, for example. That lush, highly complex, long sustaining voice.

The AP voice Taylors no longer have that original voice/tone that Bob Taylor created. That is what I always really liked about Taylor. They created their own original look and their own original sound, and I thought their original voice was really nice. Maybe a wee bit weak on the bass at times...but not always, and they really fixed that issue with the brilliant and gorgeous GS body design...great job Larry Breedlove on that one!!!

I think the original 514/714/814/914...8 and 9 level PS series and the GS and the 855/955 jumbo guitars are some of the best all around instruments ever made...and their looks and tone were very original.

Now all those body styles...except the sadly discontinued 855/955...are just as gorgeous...and the AP tone IS is no longer distinctive/original to Taylor.

I miss the old Taylors...especially the 1995 to 2000 models, which featured some exceptionally nice woods and inlays/purfling all around.

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