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sounds like some sort of ground loop problem to me, although I haven't used either item. It's probably coming from the amp's input jack. Have you tried the guitar (w/the Anthem) through another amp/PA system? That may be the next step - if it doesn't do that low freq hum, then you know it's something with the amplifier/Anthem combo, somehow...

Always a drag to have problems, ESPECIALLY with new stuff. Hope you can get it figured out and fixed...

I just remembered something that might be relevant. When I first got my Taylor T-5, I kept getting a lot of hum/buzz from just the bridge pick-up, not so noticeable with the 'board PU... this, through the amplifiers that work silently with all my other electrics. Turned out, all I had to do was flip the ground switch and the T-5 was quiet as a mouse! So, try flipping your ground switch and see what happens!

Good luck! Report back, please...
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