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Default Blazer & Henkes Brazilian RW Southern Jumbo - Trades?

I just traded for this incredible B&H Brazilian SJ.. It is quite amazing. Unfortunately the neck is just a little to much for my hands..

Designed after Willi’s ‘43 Gibson rosewood Southern Jumbo. This guitar is wide open. It’s a 2006 so it’s really come into its own.

Here’s some from the previous owners description.
“There are a few small impressions on the top and at the base of the headstock and a mild amount of fret wear bc it has been played a lot but it doesn’t need a thing and sounds wide open with really responsive musical tone while retaining that Gibson bark. Setup is perfect with 3/32” and 2/32” action and plays with absolute ease. 1 3/4” nut and 24.75” scale. Carbon fiber non-adjustable truss rod. Dark straight grain Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Moon logged Alpine spruce. No modifications outside of an extra saddle made by the prior owner to swap out for different action if needed.”

I am really amazed by the tone of this Brazilian Rosewood. Very clear and clean. Such precise tone really rewards the player and basically calls for you to bring your A game. When you do, man it pays off.. Loud and very sensitive to the touch. Works remarkably with both flat picking and finger picking.

I am open to some partial trades
Martin D28 Authentic 1937 Aged + cash
Martin 00-17 Authentic
Martin ‘37 D18 Authentic
Pre-War Guitar Co
Also vintage D18, D28, and J45”s

$8900 Plus fees and shipping.. CONUS
Griggs G-28 Alpine Spruce/East Asian Rosewood
For Sale: B&H Brazilian Rosewood SJ

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