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Originally Posted by DukeX View Post
This is my exact experience. It is very touch sensitive, period--sensitive to pick angle, grip, attack, and location. I am not an "over the sound hole" strummer or picker (except fingerpicking softer, lyrical stuff that just blooms out of this guitar).

I like the area between the bridge and sound hole, especially on this guitar, and I move around a lot and alter my grip and shift the pick angle a lot. The great thing about playing closer to the bridge is you can get more aggressive without overdriving the top (which is much more likely over the sound hole). Also, as you described, just a little movement closer or farther from the bridge changes the tone significantly. I take advantage of this the best I can with my skill level.

These little fellas have a lot to offer IMO, definitely not one trick ponies.
Thatís it exactly!
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