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Originally Posted by GroovyException View Post
I've had my OT22 for less than a week so take this opinion with a pinch of salt. Add another pinch or two for my general lack of expertise (< 3 years playing) and talent. Far more accomplished guitarists than me have written glowing reviews of this model.

My OT22 is ok, a reasonable guitar for the price. It's well constructed, the setup is perfect and it certainly doesn't sound bad. Aesthetically, it's disappointing. The overall quality of the finish is a step below budget instruments I've owned from other lower-end brands like Blueridge, Gretsch and Sigma. The (acacia) fretboard is particularly unattractive, but if CITES isn't a consideration then you may still be able to pick up one of the original spec models with rosewood.

I think it's worth bearing in mind that when many of the original reviews came out, the OT22 sold for $379 and some buyers reportedly got a free Guardian case bundled with it. An incredible deal. However, that same setup cost me $530 (and I noticed that the price label left on the case was $10 below what I was charged).

My teacher owns a vintage LG2 and it is a truly wonderful guitar. I don't think my Farida can hold a candle to that old Gibson, but if I keep it long enough I may get the opportunity to compare them side by side.
Remember that any solid/solid topped guitar needs time to play in. No guitar is at its best brand new.
Your guitar may become a real sweetie in time. Also, every guitar seems to have its ideal string choice. I think the Faridas come with EJ 16 D'addarios. Good strings but your ear may prefer something else.

In my experience, string choice can be a very important factor.
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