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I’ve owned both. My son still has the 2013 LG2 American Eagle I gave him. I have bought and sold about 3 or 4 LG2AE’s. Always around the 1,100 range I think? Anyways, those new Gibson LG2s are fantastic. Worth every penny.

On a budget? I owned a Farida OT22. Excellent playability. Very similar sound to the LG2. Buy with confidence on that criteria. I was amazed that such an inexpensive guitar could sound so wonderful. It does have a downside though. It is lightly built. Thin top. So of course it sounds good. But if you live in New England or the upper Midwest, come winter time you had better be sure to humidify the guitar. I was heartbroken when my top split from dryness.

Anyways, that’s an easy issue to stay on top of. Keep it in It’s case. Keep it humidified. And enjoy it. I’d say buy with confidence.

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