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Default Farida OT 22 and Variations

When the Farida OT 22 came out it was well received. I don't hear much about it lately.

I have heard it said that it is very close sound-wise to the Gibson LG 2.
I have no way to compare or access to either guitar. The vintage LG2 versions are beyond my means. The modern version(American Eagle) is discontinued. The American Eagle versions seem over priced on the used market. Some say they don't sound as good as they should either.

I don't have to have an LG2. But I do like the specs. In order to be able to continue playing, I am moving to either smaller guitars or short scale & 1 11/16" nut widths, or both or on my old school Martins, light strings. It is kind of the opposite direction of where much of the market has gone, (wider nut widths) but it is what works for me with a stroke weakened fretting hand.

So, has anybody been able to do a real comparison of the LG2 and the OT 22? Does anybody own both? What I like about the OT 22, at least on YouTube videos, is its more midrange sound. It doesn't seem bright and chimey as many small guitars are.But YouTube is not always accurate.

There aren't many similar guitars at a resonable price.
I cannot afford a custom.

Thoughts, LG2 and OT 22 players?

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