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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
I wish you success in finding polished bass sets that are reasonable priced. Keep me posted if you find any you like.

FWIW, I liked the Oasis GPX normal tensions, but couldn't get the Oasis GPX High tensions off my guitar fast enough. They hurt my fingers when fretting notes.

The specs between the Savarez Alliance high trebles and the high Oasis GPX seem the same, but those Oasis high tension's are hard!! They're like concrete compared to the Savarez Aliiance high tensions. LOL

I just put the Oasis GPX high tension trebles on my Cordoba C10 yesterday and they are coming off today. Great sound but just like you these things are killing my fingers. None of my steel string guitars come close to this, nor any other nylon, floro string.

Wish I saw this thread first but I guess it is best to really find out for yourself.

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