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Default Polished bass sets?

Just re-strung my Orchestra CE with D’Addario EJ51 Recording string set. I got these on a whim several months ago when I found a set pretty heavily discounted. The polished bass strings are excellent- really good tone, great feel, and almost no string squeak. Don’t know how long they might last, but love them now.

I don’t much care for the sound of nylon strings on my guitar, so the nylon trebles that came with this set came off right away and were replaced with some Savarez Alliance HT carbons I had in reserve. (I like the tone of these and Oasis GPX carbons).

So here’s the dilemma… Just a set of these basses normally run $20+ and I don’t know if I can justify that cost too often. Otherwise I generally prefer Savarez Cantiga basses, but their polished version is pretty expensive too. Are there other polished bass sets out there that are of good tone, but more reasonably priced?

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