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My favorite was one that got away.

You will have to bear with me as I really don't know all that much about their models, designations, and such....

The owner of a local music shop was a serious Taylor fan. He had made many pilgrimages to the factory, had met Bob several times, had an autographed pic taken with Bob... Not to mention that he sold a LOT of Taylor guitars.

He also sold Taylor Custom Shop and R Taylor guitars. The irony is that the expensive ones generally moved pretty fast where the cheap ones tended to sit around.

Well - he decided to make a pilgrimage and commission himself and his father their own full on customs. He hand picked all the wood himself at the factory, model/serial number had his name, Etc. His was whatever Taylor calls their 000.... His dad's was a dread. His Dad's guitar was pretty good but his was a monster.

And then he put them both up for sale.... When I asked why - he said something about everything has a price.... But he wasn't asking some stupid price for it... It was maybe $3,800 or so...

It was a weird horizontal bearclaw top and a beautiful quartersawn Ovankol back and sides... And weirdest of all - Adirondack bracing... And it was an absolute cannon. But it had an amazing tone to boot. It would play loud and it would play soft, it would play dry and it would play lush, and everything in between.....

I kept going back to play it... It was only in the shop a few weeks and somebody bought it and it disappeared.... And I have NEVER played another Taylor that could touch that one... If I do - it will come home with me - I won't make that mistake again.

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