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Originally Posted by kaos View Post
Besides, Martin would have been a terrible name for your daughter

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Originally Posted by ChrisE View Post
You beat me to it.
Yeah yeah yeah - jerks!!

There are a couple of good stories. My wife had decided from well before we were married that if she had a daughter her name would be Taylor Elizabeth after her grandparents Taylor and Elizabeth. Well I always wanted to name my kid after the songwriter that started me on this journey Bob Dylan but she would have no part of that. What she didn't take in account was that they always ask the Dad to fill out the birth certificate so her name is Taylor Elizabeth Dylan Kyte. LOL

The other story involving my Taylor 710 in the pic is pretty cool too. Our 2nd date ever was her accompanying me to a solo gig I was playing. Glenda has big deep brown eyes so I learned Brown Eyed Girl to sing for her that night and it became our song. Well the day I was trying out guitars to pick the high end (to me especially back in those days) guitar I kept playing other guitars and just going back to the 710. I didn't realize it but the progression I was playing while listening intently to the guitar was Brown Eyed Girl. One time when I switched from another guitar back to the Taylor she turned around with big tears in her eyes and said "buy that one". LOL
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