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This is my first and only Taylor -- a 210 from late 2005 back when they were made in California from all-solid tonewoods (spruce/sapele). It has a really nice, crisp sound, and records really nicely.

The local guitar shop where I got my first guitar -- a laminate Art & Lutherie dreadnought -- carried Seagull and the other Godin brands and Taylors. Since the Taylors were the most expensive guitars in the little shop, they became the holy grail of guitars to me as a beginner. I'd go look at them when stopping by to get strings, I'd pour over the Taylor catalogs, and I'd dream of one day being able to buy one.

Money was tight over the next 4-5 years as a college student, and any extra money I had saved up went towards a couple years of volunteer service in Eastern Europe and a summer study abroad art program in London. Finally in early 2006 I found that I had enough extra money to buy a Taylor.

Taylor had just come out with the 100 and 200 series. I had set my sights on either the 210 or the 310. My local shop had a couple of both. I found the 210 to feel a little lighter, sound a little louder and crisper, and it was cheaper. So that's what I walked out with. I couldn't wait to show my friends and family my new treasure. It was like I had finally "made it" as a guitarist when I got home and opened the case up.

I used to play acoustic shows and open mics and open for local bands and such, and the Taylor was fantastic. Whether unplugged or using the pickup I had the shop install when I bought the guitar, it always sounded great and I would regularly get compliments on the sound. People who knew guitars would be floored when I told them how much I paid (or didn't pay!) for the guitar.

Once, in a moment of stupidity, I sold the 210 to a friend. I had found a deal on a Taylor 410 at a different guitar shop about 45 minutes away and had convinced myself it was the next step up for me. I knew my friend wanted to buy a Taylor and liked my guitar so I sold it to him and went and bought the 410.

I instantly regretted it. So I called up the shop I bought from, who kindly took the guitar back minus a small fee, and I called my friend to beg him to sell me my guitar back. He told me he figured I might regret it and we traded back. I gave him a little extra money back for being so understanding. (He later found a great deal on a really nice 310.)

It's got its fair share of wear and tear, dings and scratches (several courtesy of the kiddos it now shares a home with these days), and I've grown to embrace it as a player's guitar. It has been in its case more than usual over the last few years since I got a Fairbanks slope dreadnought, but I have found myself getting it out more often in recent weeks -- and it doesn't take long to rediscover my affinity for its tone and playability. It's a fantastic guitar that I intend to keep forever.
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