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Default Mark Hatcher's Studio 2017

I have a lot in the works for 2017 and want to start off with a current build I am working on. This is a Josie small jumbo model. It has a highly figured African Padauk back and side set:

This is sometimes called "bacon" for obvious reasons but, this set additionally has some wonderful quilt figuring that I have only seen on one other set which, of course, I also bought. That set was used on a parlor spec guitar:

This guitar proved the sound potential of these sister sets so I am eager to go big on a 16" lower bout small jumbo.
Going through my stash of tops there was one that really stood out as a match. It wasn't on my clients species wish list but, when I showed it to him when he came to my shop it was the obvious choice;

We are going for a one-of-a-kind look here and I think we're off to a great start! You just don't see Sitka with this kind of bear claw combined with so much red. It is also an extremely light set of Sitka especially for a bear clawed set. It's wonderful, musical tap tone is an awesome fit for this model and the Padauk b/s set.

So we're off and running!

There will be a lot more to come!

Thanks for viewing
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