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Default Arriving in April, hopefully...

... a new X20, short scale, with the Pao Ferro shown below. I've now sold off two of my wood guitars, a 000-18GE and an LV-09, so I have the room.

I have never ordered something and had to wait this long before, so it will be a good test of my patience. I blame eatswodo for this - he graciously brought his Emeralds over for a little test drive, and it pushed me over the top to go ahead and place my order.

incoming Emerald X20 woody, Journey OF660, RainSong APLE, Martin 0-15sm - LA Guitar custom, Recording King RO-06M, Epiphone Elitist Casino, Fender MIM Stratocaster, G&L ASAT Tribute, Pono cedar/macassar tenor uke, Lanikai SMP-TC tenor uke - and a level of ability that lets each of these down oh so often... but loving it every time I play!
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