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Default 1963 Gibson C-0

So this weekend I ended up picking up a vintage nylon acoustic.

It's not in horrible shape but needs some work.

Ended up talking the guy down to $100 bucks from $400.

I'm not sure why he did it, but it wasn't really of interest to me otherwise for more than 100 bucks so I held strong on negotiating and it worked.

From what I can tell it is ladder braced, and a couple of the back braces are not all the way off but are a bit wiggly. Additionally the back has come off the body a bit on the bottom of the guitar, but it really seems like a good clean up and wood glue should get this thing in decent shape. Also has a repaired top crack which he said that Elderly did (I live in Lansing, MI), so plausible, but this guy also said it was a '61 when it would appear to be a '63, so who knows.

The question is, I have a acoustic pickup, it's not the K mini, but the less expensive version of that (can't remember the name right now).

Is it sacrilege to drill a hole in this thing?

Also since I have so little invested in this thing, i'm thinking about trying to glue it up myself
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