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Originally Posted by DenverSteve View Post
For me no signature makes a guitar more, or less desirable. How did it feel, sound, look, make you feel? If you loved the guitar, was it a price that you could and would pay? Did you buy it? You see, I've never found a guitar I really loved that I didn't discuss buying it with the seller and making a decision on the day. I have made a decision to buy and then slept on it for a day or two, replayed it and then bought it. However, I've found that if it didn't move you enough to attempt a purchase, it didn't move you enough. "Checking out" a guitar won't make anyone like it more after the fact. To me it doesn't matter if a guitar is one of one or one of 10,000, if it moves me, it moves me.

So it did have a label on the inside. I tried to post the picture but it didnít work. I put the guitar on layaway until I have more information. It was priced at 800 which I thought for the guitar was extremely reasonable.
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