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And now for some broad generalizations...

Individual guitar construction will matter quite a lot. In oval hole I have a 16" mahogany, 2 17" (one maple, on mahogany), and an 18" copy of a Monteleone Artist. They are made by Yunzhi and Wu guitars out of China. Solid woods, mostly Benedetto construction. I also have 17" and 18" regular archtops from Yunzhi. The oval hole guitars sound more 'open' and seem have a bit more bass and decay time. They still have the more pronounced attack of an archtop. Not the harmonics of a flat top, but more going on than the mid range punch of the archtops. I would choose an oval hole over a regular archtop for finger style blues but some want the dry midrange sound. Easy to figure that out just by playing a Loar at your local Guitar Center.

A Wu/Yolanda Team oval hole will run probably $1300 currently? Hand carved, solid woods, you get to spec neck width, trim, and other stuff. There is some information out there on the boards on how to order one of these. It's been some years since I got mine and I still have every one I ordered. Wouldn't mind a used Eastman but most likely would just order another Wu if I were looking.
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