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Default Fret Boards

I've been busy cutting out fret boards to have all set to choose from for next year. I'm expanding out my selection to also include more alternative woods. Here are a few Ziricote boards:

Here are a couple different colors of Macassar Ebony. The board on the right is Mexican Royal Ebony:

I always have a lot of Cocobolo to choose from including matched fret board, bridge, and face plate sets:

For a real change I'm going to start including Olivewood fingerboards soon.
Of course, I always have Black Ebony. I've recently purchased a 100lb log of ebony that I will be getting some fret boards from as soon as I figure out how to wrestle this monster through the band saw!:

I also have various rosewood fret boards (no surprise there!)

I love the endless possibilities wood provides!
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