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The pickup I use for recording (and playing live) is the Schertler AG6 with the added S-mic. My basic thing is about 10% mic live and the mic all the way up for recording. On recordings, all you hear is the mic. The S-mic is omnidirectional and feeds back if you turn it up too much live with any sort of monitoring, but if you are recording with headphones, turning it up all the way yields a sound that is very much like taping a small omni mic into the soundhole. You don't notice the magnetic pickup at all, but it is actually there augmenting the low frequencies. The advantage of this is that those low frequencies are where a mic would pick up a lot of rumble from your refrigerator and passing trucks. The S-mic is also amazingly isolated from physical coupling from the body of the guitar. I have no idea how they do it, but you don't hear noises from your clothes rustling against the instrument nearly as much as you do with a regular mic. I still prefer a good mic in the studio, but for home recording in a less than pristine environment, I actually like the Schertler pickup better than a mic on a stand.
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