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Hi all

Doug is a humble guy.

I don't think I know of anyone else on the forum who's writing arrangements for, and recording tracks for an Acoustic Guitar magazine, publishing books, video lessons etc.

He's recorded more pickups and than anyone else I've ever met (check out his website), and he's recorded and posted tons of high quality YouTube videos of his guitars.

And he has done a ton of product testing/demo videos for several companies. He also owns (and knows how to use) high end recording equipment, and I believe he recorded his last album…

I say all this to just say I respect what he'd likely call his opinions, and he's helped me tremendously over the years. I take what he says pretty seriously.

Above all else if you go to YouTube and type "Doug Young Guitar" in the search bar, you can enjoy a great concert by just letting videos play one after the other.

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