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Originally Posted by Lkristians View Post
Maybe a subjective thing, but I plugged my Taylor 314ce directly into my interface and it sounds (quality of audio, not the playing!) great to me, and wondering if more of a consensus would prefer playing acoustically through a condenser mic. Haven't bought one yet, so no chance to compare. Wondering what you recording gurus thin?
Mics are almost always preferable to pickups for recording. I'd say most people will find that the worst mic sounds better than the best pickup for recording. However, successfully recording with mics will require some experimentation to learn about mic positions, and if your room acoustics aren't good, that may present a challenge, too. Some people seem to just like the sound of pickups, so if it sounds ok to you, then maybe it will be fine for you. A lot depends on your goal for recording. If it's just for yourself, then sound quality may not matter anyway. If you want a more professional sound for sharing with others, then a mic would probably be a better choice.

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