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Originally Posted by guitaniac View Post
If steelvibe (Andy) is correct about the TWA'a input impedance being 500Kohms, it obviously wasn't designed to accommodate a passive undersaddle pickup. A passive mag pickup, a passive Pure Mini or any active system are still decent options if you're connecting directly to the TWA. (With most passive undersaddle pickups, you'd need an outboard preamp between the guitar and the TWA to get a full and pleasing tone.)

If you are just amplifying for your own enjoyment at home, steelvibe's suggestion to use headphones would certainly enable you to avoid feedback problems, whatever the pickup.

If you're looking to amplify loudly in a venue somewhere, that's a whole different ballgame.

In what situation are you having the feedback problems? I can tell you from experience that a Baggs M80 is a lot less feedback prone than a Pure Mini soundboard pickup. If having problems with the M80, don't expect to be able to do the exact same procedure and have no problems with the Pure Mini.

Thanks guitarniac for your response!

The information regarding the input impedance of the TWA is accurate unless the TWA employee who responded directly to my inquiry is misinformed.

The reason I say to listen with headphones is not to suppress feedback during use but rather to demonstrate the quality of sound an SBT pushes through the TWA (a direct response to whether a K&K will work, and the answer is yes). The sound you hear is the effect of the TWA coming out of the sound hole of my guitar and being picked up by a Zoom H2n.

For live situations you can control feedback using the onboard notch filters and further mitigate feedback problems with a rubber feedback suppressor. The effects are still usable in DI mode but go direct to your stage amp or FOH while bypassing the guitar chamber as the point of amplification. In my view these are cool devices that are well thought out and not the novelty item many think they are. But... there is a bit of a learning curve.

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