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I've used a K&K pure mini through a TWA with great results. I currently use both a JJB 330 and whatever Journey Instruments' propriety SBT unit is through a TWA , also with great results. Every SBT I've tried has worked very nicely.

The input impedance on the TWA is around 500k ohms. The main thing to remember to do with the TWA is to go to Global Settings and set the Master Gain for whatever guitar you attempt to set up. Up to 5 guitars can set up and stored on the device. I'm personally a fan of the TWA but as they say, "YMMV".
If you still get feedback you simply dial down the gain, very easy to do on the fly- even mid song.

Here is a sound sample of my Journey OF660 being played through the TWA with a touch of delay. Use headphones for best results.

Less time wasting and more music creation
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