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Originally Posted by IH8FRETBUZZ View Post
I donít really know much about pickups or the physics of their capabilities etc. the reason I was thinking a passive is because the active LRBaggs M80 had a major feedback issue. Also I have another guitar with a Fishman under saddle with an active preamp and same problem. However when I use a soundhole mounted Fishman passive pickup ( Neo D ) it works great with the tonewood amp. I just donít like a pickup mounted in the sound hole because itís kind of an interference for finger style playing, at least for me it is.

Just donít want to glue a K and K mini on my guitar and find out it has feedback issues with the tonewood amp also.
Your feedback experience with those three pickups is a bit unusual and they are three good choices if feedback suppression is one of your primary concerns. I am certain that the fact that the NeoD was the best of the three has nothing to do with passive/active and for most people a SBT like a K&K would be more feedback prone than any of those three options you already have tried.
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