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Yes. Gently, but firmly. It's not easy for many to see the step by step details and the time to gain the customers trust to know we want them happy, but with a dignified product their family will respect for years to come.

Quick story: A relative of mine thought it would be nice to give her girls little guitars made by us. Her thinking was if it is small and she knows where the woods are she liked the best then it will only take a few hours and then the girls could have them until they are a few years and we could repeat that process. Of course she wanted them for free. What she doesn't realize is Tim's jigs are all hand made which takes months or more to perfect. The girls are older now and said their mom would have sold the guitars within that year so ... It was all a dream that did not come true.

Being a luthier is not a get rich scheme for Tim. It's a good thing he likes me because being the wife I kind of grimace when I see another handful of parts sitting on the work bench that weren't there a few hours earlier.

But being the luthier and his wife, we feel blessed to see our guitars on stadium stages, small stages, couches and by came fires doing a service for the maker of the trees it took to build the guitar. Our guitars bring us YOU ... all of you. It's a treasured business and I am thankful for the other luthiers who admit their love for this work.

It might sound corny, but there is no better date than to spend my hours in the wood shop sharing the love of wood with the one I married 36 years ago.

🐟 ... make a joyful noise ...

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