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Originally Posted by SpruceTop View Post
Thanks, so far, for your comments, Folks!

I've looked online at the Pisgah banjos and I'm impressed with their craftsmanship. I only wish they had a more traditional-style peg-head shape like Deering, Vega, or Stelling and many other brands. Even though they offer a sort of traditional style peghead as an option, it's not what I like. I'd still consider a Pisgah even with the paddleshaped peghead.

If I'm correct, OME is a descendant of the old ODE brand that I remember seeing back in the mid-1960s. Very nice styling and features!

Any love for the Nechville Atlas 12-inch rim banjo? It's different in style and features but looks like it would be easy to maintain and sounds mighty fine in the videos I've watched.

Also, any love for the Bishline Okie Openback Banjo with the Dobson Tone Ring?
Style is a totally personal choice, obviously. I used to make fiddle cut pegheads, but over the years I've grown to not like the look. I'm a firm believer in the "roll your own" ethic, and all the jos I make are for the most part slot head tunneled fifth necks.

My recommendations were also considering best bang for the buck, but I'm really cheap. The Bishline and the Nechville would certainly be fine instruments, but if you're spending that much you might as well just get on the waiting list for a new Romero!

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