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Originally Posted by theEdwinson View Post
Oh, man, this is gonna be so good! What a happy surprise to see this new thread! Tom B'sox, everybody's best pal on the AGF, off to the races with another Kinnaird guitar project. YES!
That SE Asian Rosewood is beautiful stuff. It looks a lot like a couple sets of Honduran Rosewood that I have in my stash. I bet it rings like bell too.

Well, Tom, you know what you're in for! Steve and Ryan will do you proud- again. And everybody involved in this new project, including us spectators, will experience new frissons of gladness as the adventure unfolds.

Thank you Steve, you are too much....I did have to look up frissons, finding the definition gave me a sudden feeling of joy!!!! Thanks for the kind words and you are a luthier of extraordinary skills with a Howard Cosell vocabulary (for those of us over 50).
PS. I love guitars!