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I did get a chance to audition your FT-15-D Kerala in mid-May when I visited Bruce's shop. It was simply a FANTASTIC guitar! It pretty much did everything that one looks for in a guitar with an excellent mix of wood, string, fundamentals, overtones with punch and projection. I also found it physically much more comfortable and sonically balanced than a standard D to boot.

Kudos on your new guitar!


Originally Posted by palolowarrior View Post
Mean. Yup, mean that FT-15D aka FT-000-D.

That first one in Cambodian Rosewood is so well balanced and brings that sonic boom you want from a dred when called upon. Cambodian Rosewood is the new go to Dalbergia on the block. Finished in 2011, the original price tag began at the old price base of $10,500. Today's base is $13,500+.

This 2015 FT-15/000-D is called a Kerala primarily for its 13 fret placement. 13 fretters seem to create a lot of depth of sound. The Brazilian of course just has a tone of its own no matter where it goes especially in the hands of a master like Bruce.

In an A/B comp between these and other big boys in the closet, it is hands down that the smaller mini D can be more impressive. Sounds like, plays like, (only better) than a full sized dreadnought.

I predict that this will be Sexauer's newest breakthrough model. Oh, and look out you SJ lover's the new girl is in town!


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