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Ill start posting mistakes and learning experiences as well, maybe somebody can use it.

Here you can see airpockets between 2 layers, that is very bad.

I made this unibody, and when it was fully cured realised it was to thin, also you could dent the back and it would make a super loud horribel noise when it popped back. Imagine if that happens when your buyer gives a live performance of classical music.

So i decided to add 2 layers, when those were cured there was an inferior bond between the old and the new, so i pulled it off.

That happened way to easy untill this point. I did not want to risk dissonant frequencies because of airpockets, or are airpockets an accidental discovery of genius?!

blablabla Lesson -----> a uniform epoxy matrix is vital.

This is a prototype hybrid so its no biggy. I make mistakes in my prototype so the consumer version is good.

Wood is very forgiving, carbon fiber in an epoxy matrix is all or nothing.

This body has a few loose strands :

I don`t know yet if i will keep it like this or cover it in flat black paint. Its really a waste to paint carbon fiber if its layd out properly (this is not).

What do you guys think, keep it like this and buff it up to a shine, or paint it flat black?

I don`t know if somebody will buy with the loose strands like this.

These loose strands did give me an awesome idea for the future, maybe you could make art with loose carbon fiber strands and placing them in the mold first.
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