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Originally Posted by MissouriPicker View Post
I had a 1999 WS1000. It was (and I'm sure still is) a remarkable guitar. Very, very clear tone. Very, very loud. Very, very easy to play. I got rid of it because I drifted back to the "wood" sound. The composite sound is an acquired taste. To me, it's not as warm as the wood sound. In most situatoins I think the composite sound is more clear and even than the best of wooden instruments, but I simply lean toward the "wood" sound. Rainsongs, in my view, are excellent guitars and worth the money. It all comes down to what each of us likes in a guitar. I want wood. Others may lean toward the composite sound. There's not a thing in the world wrong with either. If I should ever consider a composite guitar again, I will definitly look at another Rainsong.
To my ears at least the Composite Acoustics guitars are more "woody" sounding than the Rainsongs, and I have A/B'd them several times at Elderly.
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