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When I first started looking at these, I went to a store that had one of each body style in stock. I was most interested in a jumbo or a dread. Both of them were incredible instruments and made in the WA plant. The WS1000 that they had was NOS from the Hawaii plant. I played it quite a bit, too, even though I didn't think I would get that body style. It sounded a played great also, but there was something about it that I didn't like as much as the others.

When I finally ordered my Rainsong, it ended up being the WS1000 for a variety of reasons. But I am glad that it is from the WA plant. I really don't know if there really is a difference or not, but mine is fantastic! I did like the Maui girl that they used to put on them, but they haven't done that for quite a while. She is a cute logo, but not really appropriate on a guitar that I use to do chidren's programs.
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