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Originally Posted by jdto View Post
...My one concern with a straight trade is that the OM-40R is usually a higher-priced guitar than the Streamliner Gretsch. I hope you got some cash or other added value out of the trade.
Current MSRP for the Larrivee OM-40R is $2338...

Street price for the Gretsch G2420 Streamliner hardtail is $449, $549 with Bigsby...

Store could probably flip that Larry quick for $1700 if it's in good playing/cosmetic shape - more if they're not in a hurry - and IMO they easily could have thrown in a brand-new-with factory-warranty Bugera V22/V55, Vox AC10, or Fender Pro Junior tube combo, and still come out well ahead of the game...

BTW if you still have a jones for a White Falcon (and already have an amp to run it through), they probably could have done a straight even-up deal on one of these, a hardshell case, and a case-candy goodie bag (strings/picks/cable/strap/polishing cloth) - and with some well-chosen, readily-available aftermarket parts it'd be a close match for the (discontinued) $3500 6136DC '62 tribute:

If the Streamliner meets your current/anticipated needs, use it well - IME the Brooklyn-vintage Filter'Tron/Hi-lo'Tron/Dynasonic "Great Gretsch Sound" is very well-suited to CCM/P&W (former worship leader/church musician-for-hire here) - but offering that Larrivee in trade I'm just sorry you weren't able to do better...
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