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As I have posted in the past, I don't believe this "golden era" stuff about Taylor. To me, it simply depends on the guitar.

Several years ago, I purchased a used Taylor 912c that was built in that so-called "golden era". The guitar was rather a dud. I did try before I buy, as I always do, but thought that since it was from that "golden era" I kept reading about here, that it must be the strings or the set up, or something easily fixed. After attending to all that, it was still a dud.

There could be any number of reasons for that and I certainly wouldn't claim that any other guitars from that era are duds, just as I wouldn't say that all guitars from that era are great.

Guitars are individually what they are. Not too long ago (March-April 2021), I traded some stuff on a new Taylor 912ce. It is definitely not a dud. Again, that doesn't mean that all Taylors from this period are great guitars either. Some are, some aren't. The same can be said for any maker, whether a large factory, small factory, or individual builder.

Also, this one is what Taylor calls V-class, which is certainly controversial around here. But despite all the posturing and opinions, it simply comes down to the fact that guitars vary and need to be individually played to determine their worthiness to buy. Everything else is just forum talk.

So my advice is play it and determine whether you like it enough to buy it.

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