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Originally Posted by Ozarkpicker View Post
I’m in the process of buying a 1995 Taylor 512 from a longtime AGF member, partially because I’m curious…and partially because I’ve heard good things about Taylor guitars that have been built in what many call the “Golden Years” (1990-1999) of Taylor guitars.

Can I get some experienced opinions about small body Taylor’s built in that time period?
I have a '96 Taylor 612c I bought new at the time. It's a nice sounding guitar. The tone is clean and well defined. It's also quite lively with an immediate response. Beautiful woods and craftsmanship too. It lacks a bit of depth for my preferences. It does have body to the tone, but being maple in a small guitar... It's not nearly as rich sounding as a Rosewood OM. Which is why I think they came up with the 614 that has a deeper body.

But it's still a good guitar and I'm about to make it my daily driver for going to the park, etc... I haven't played any of the newer ones so I can't compare.
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