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Originally Posted by antvas1963 View Post
Thanks for posting. I canít wait to give these a try tomorrow morning.
Thank you! How is it going so far?

Originally Posted by Deliberate1 View Post
Feodor, thanks for posting your tutorial. I just viewed it and find it very well constructed and presented. I particularly appreciate the musical notation that appears below the video. I read music, but not on the guitar. The ability to follow the notes as you play them will definitely help me to make the association with fingering.

I also appreciate your choice of elegant, even if simple, chords. I practice finger style with a book of arpeggios. It is good. But it is not musical. Playing the chords in your video moves away from the concept of a simple drill, and enters the realm of composition. And that is far more interesting and engaging. I will look forward to you other submissions and thank you for your efforts.
Thank you very much for your feedback! Yeah, I try to focus every tutorial of mine on musical examples, even if the goal is to practice some sort of technique. I'm glad you liked it and found the lesson useful

Originally Posted by Andyrondack View Post
wish I'd come accross exercises like that decades ago. I think it's all too easy for novice guitarists to come to see basic triads as the 'proper' chords to practice on as I once did, but altered chords using open strings can be easier to play and have a haunting quality sometimes mimicking the sounds of open tunings.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Methos1979 View Post
Very nice. Subscribed.
Thank you very much!
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