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Originally Posted by colins View Post
Nice design! What's the background to it?
I just happen to see this and several other designs by Derek online so I got in touch and he was very gracious and allowed me to use this design. As far as the loon goes, I have always been a big fan of loons. As a kid, I spent a good part of my summers in Northern Ontario, near Chapleau, and listening to the loons at night was such a cool experience. We happen to be surrounded by lakes here in Northern Lower Michigan and we have a couple of loons of mated pairs that fly and sing around us all summer and fall. Occasionally while I am paddle boarding, I will come across one particular loon that allows me to get pretty close.
When it came to building this guitar, it is a rather odd build with the whole baritone, half-Nashville, multi-scale, 13 frets, thing going on that it just seemed a good fit to go with a loon on the headstock. My McIlroy AJ25cx has a raven on the headstock and Russel Crosby is working on another guitar for me that will have a Sandhill Crane on the headstock. So, I guess I am kind of infatuated with birds.
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