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Default New Wood Sets

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Inlays look stupendous and really provide accent to the theme. As always, such a pleasure to watch you work. Here's to a fantastic 2021 in the Hatcher shop!
Thanks cigarfan, I look forward to it!

Originally Posted by Carpinteria View Post
Beautiful work, as always, Mark. Thanks for sharing your process on the inlays. I sometimes feel like this forum is a master class on creative lutherie. Great stuff. Thanks!
Thanks Carpinteria! I'm glad you are finding useful information here, I certainly do too!

I just received a couple back and side sets of Bavarian Plumwood. I say Bavarian Plumwood not because it's a particular species but because it came from Bavaria and Bavarian Plumwood just sounds so good!
There are a few different species of Plumwood in Europe these are from trees that produce prunes. They tends to be very colorful:

You don't see many Plumwood sets because the trees just aren't very big. It is even more rare to see a well quartered set like this next one:

Here is a close up to show off the color and how the medullary rays show when quartered:

This tonewood comes in around the halfway point between Mahogany and Rosewood which makes for a very versatile guitar. It would pair wonderfully with a nice Sitka set, preferably a nice colorful one, say like this one:

Imagine this guitar with a lot of blue Paua trim. She'd be the life of the party!
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