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Default Red Models Back in Stock: Our #1 Sellers

I just bought a red tri pick to check it out and to compare/contrast to my tortoise tri with holes. (Both Charmed Life picks)

I was hoping that even though they're made of the same material (albeit from different manufacturers) that there would be a distinguishable difference so I had more tonality choices.

It's definitely different sounding than the tortoise tri, so I'm happy. The way I would describe the difference is that the tortoise is more "full range" - very wide spectrum from lows to highs. I perceive the red as focused on the mids, so it sounds warmer to me strumming and louder and more dynamic when picking.

I love having the choice, which is why I'm happy! Also, there's just something about the reduced "string noise" of these picks, although I've discovered I don't always want that. Seems variety is my theme and choice.

Oh, and I had no idea what to expect, this review is with no preconceived ideas, I purposefully did not read what the difference might have been. And last, red, she's pretty!
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