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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Great detail as always, thank you. I thought for a minute the router slipped on that top and a new top was needed!!!!! The reality of what it was is a slightly better option to be sure.
Originally Posted by Marcus Wong
Very insightful views on top tuning! Thanks for sharing how does a luthier know when the braces are right? Do they have a "perfect pitch" for the tap that they look for in every guitar? I know some resort to methods like chaldni patterns, deflection testing, speakers, etc. But I believe many still stick to their hands and ears to feel and hear the resonance/pitch of the top?

And Larry seems like a great bloke!
Thanks, TomB and Marcus. You're quite welcome. Thanks for following this thread.

The intuitive aspect of luthiery is quite amazing and somewhat mysterious. It seems to develop over time after building many guitars. Larry is (in my estimation) 75% intuitive, 25% analytical. e.g. he and I discussed the brace width for this guitar. Larry typically goes with .28", I asked him to consider .25". Factors we discussed were the stiffness of the top, the size of the body, the fact that it is a short scale. In the end, Larry mulled it over for a day, and ended up going with .25".

Luthiers certainly run the gamut from intuitive to analytical. I suspect those who take a more analytical approach to building still rely on their intuition to make certain decisions.

Yes, Larry is a very good bloke. Kind, patient, generous. A good friend.
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