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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post

..that Lignum Vitae in its green ‚exposed’ state really picks up the color of the fretboard inlay ‚twig’ very nicely.

..I read it also was/is widely used due to its density, toughness and self lubricating properties in boats and bearings for propeller shafts and the like..
How is it best glued to last if it is so oil rich ?
Thanks Lonzo, I've read about about this wood being used for bearing also. I understand the first nuclear submarine the USS Nautilus had Lignum Vitae bearings for its propeller shafts partly to help it run silent. They also use this wood for the turbines of some hydroelectric power plants, particularly when drinking water is involved. Amazing wood! I believe that part of the lubrication is due to these bearing being submerged in water.

I don't see there are any gluing issues with this wood. The resin is certainly much less a problem than Cocobolo and a lot of other rosewoods.

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
The rosette is really looking wonderful as the Lignum Vitae color changes--great choice!
Thanks Nemoman, I am loving the way the pallet of colors are coming together on this guitar. It is the same color pallet that you see in much of the art from the Middle Ages.

Thanks for commenting.
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