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Right, so I'm basically back to where I was. Still waiting for the replacement sides to arrive in the post though.
I managed to get the top thicknessed. Its somewhere between 2.2mm and 2.3mm, I don't have a deep throat thickness gauge to get exactly to my pre-planned dimension of 2.2217596468mm, so this will have to do for now, when I can re-grind and resharpen my scraper I'll thin the edges down. Hopefully i remember to do that before I start doing anything with braces.

I also installed another rosette, i think its pretty much as good as the first one, obviously I was hoping it would come out better, but somehow even though I seem to have better joints between the pieces on the rosette on number2, the joins seem to be more obvious.

I then decided to swab some mineral spirits onto the top and rosette to show the flame in the rosette. I can't find any 'ingredients' listed on the mineral spirits bottle, but several hours later it has dried but has left a stain exactly the same colour as it looked when wet. I'm not overly happy about this as the tops were so 'clean' beforehand. My previous bottle of mineral spirits didnt do this. it flashed off super fast as would be expected. Is there anything I can do to fix it? I guess I have to sand it out? but if its soaked in that could be a lot of sanding..... I guess I need to find some actual naptha somewhere for next time.

Here is the thicknesser I borrow, its pretty large....
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

Top number 2 after bandsawing the excess away to somewhere near the required outline
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

top number 2 after bandsawing
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

closer view of top number 2
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

Got the rosette installed on top number 2, pictured with mineral spirits applied
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

second view of the rosette, pictured here with the aforementioned mineral spirits
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr

Original top (left) and top number 2
Untitled by David Emm, on Flickr
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