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Originally Posted by AX17609 View Post
The stewards called both Hamilton and Verstappen after the race and concluded that the Red Bull Racing driver was at fault. As a result, Verstappen received a three-place grid penalty for the Russian GP.
I think that, similar to Silverstone, there was some fault that could be apportioned to either side. Should Hamilton have left more room? Probably. Should Verstappen have taken the exit cutout similarly to the way that Perez did when trying to pass LeClerc during the sprint race? Probably. I am just pleased taht it appears that the Halo did it's job and it looks like everyone walked away. (I was watching the broadcast from Imola back in the day when Ayrton Senna was killed)

It will be interesting to see if Red Bull has Max take his engine penalty along with the Monza penelty at Sochi, given how hard it is to pass there...
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