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Default Tape baking gone bad

I've spoken of baking tape on the forum before, HERE and HERE. The basic issue is that tapes are self-destructing and the only way to resurrect them is to literally bake them at low heat (130') for three hours. The fellow who has been doing my baking for me has been having trouble with the fumes from the baking process asphyxiating him so he bought a toaster oven so he could bake the tapes out on his veranda. Here is the result of his first run on a tape with a plastic reel:

Lovely, huh? Like that upper flange? I've just transferred the tape. There's lots of creasing and warpage to the tape causing wow. flutter, and scrape flutter. The creasing could be ironed out (if I had the time and this was a priority job) but the warping is causing major vertical mis-tracking across the head stack and I don't know of any way to remedy that.

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